DIY Products

Secret Lenders List

This updatable list will show you who lends from which bank & bureaus some with data points added!

Hard Inquiry Removal

This ebook will show you how to take off any unauthorized inquiry that doesn’t belong to open accounts accurately & timely.

Business Structure & Funding Guide

This updatable ebook provides step-by-step instructions for setting up your business entity correctly to ensure maximum funding.

DIY Credit Repair Guide

This updatable ebook provides step-by-step instruction for repairing your credit. 

The Lead Gen Magnet Cheat Sheet

This ebook will show you how to generate automated leads with a killer lead magnet.

Evolve with Self-Employed Mortgages

This updatable ebook provides the how-to for mastering mortages while self employed for the ultimate real estate cashflow.

Evolve Learn ADP

This updatable ebook provides step-by-step instruction for mastering ADP and it’s true leveraged benefits.

Evolve Make 6 Figures a Year

This ebook will show you how to make a 6 figure income from anywhere.

Evolve- Fund Yourself 100k In 30 Days

This guide provides step-by-step strategies to help you tap into various funding sources, including loans, grants, and investments.

How To Claim Your Business On Google

This guide walks you through the entire process of listing your business on Google, from creating your Google My Business account to optimizing your profile for maximum visibility. Learn how to manage reviews, post updates, and utilize Google tools to enhance your business’s digital footprint.

Open A Credit Enhancement Organization By The CFPB Rules

Discover how to start a compliant and successful credit enhancement organization. This guide covers CFPB regulations, business planning, and effective marketing strategies to help you build a thriving business that helps clients improve their credit scores and achieve financial stability.

How to Find and Clean Errors on Your Credit Report in 30 Days with Factual Disputing

Discover how to identify and dispute errors on your credit report in just 30 days. This step-by-step guide will help you improve your credit score and secure your financial future. Get your copy today and start your journey to a clean credit report!

Financial Literacy Bundle $37

Lead Generation Bundle $47

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